About Us.

We work with you to cultivate a winning strategy

Better Vision Solutions is a change management company with an eye for learning and development. We help to cultivate change and growth in small to medium sized organizations through solutions that will help you with the delivery and clarity of your message in various mediums in order to implement change that has a lasting impact.

We help you implement change using our 3 keys for optimal transformation:
1. Information Technology
2. Messaging
3. Software

Our Mission and Vision

There’s always a purpose to change and whether the goal is achieved is determined by the efforts of all persons within the organization. We help you close the gap within the transition by focusing on the people, plus the delivery & clarity of the message. Helping small to medium size businesses deliver and clarify the message to achieve lasting change throughout their organization.

We think about change communications from both the formal, intentional, strategic communications and the informal, day-to-day communication perspectives.

  • Helping the organization clearly articulate the desired change
  • Conducting comprehensive diagnostics; gathering data through interviews and focus groups across all levels of the organization to understand the real and perceived impacts of the change
  • Inviting key stakeholders into the process and creating opportunities for an ongoing, two-way dialogue about how they can participate in, support, or drive the change
  • Reinforcing the change in a variety of modalities
  • Designing tools, training, and messaging to enable managers to lead and live the change
  • Identifying change “champions” – people who really “get” the reason for the change and can model it
  • Maintaining empathy throughout the process to ensure communications are impactful and effective


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